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Children's Ministry Suggested Reading

01.12.15 | Documents | by Stephanie Jackson

    Parenting Resources

    Shepherding a Child’s Heart | Ted Tripp

    Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life.

    Sacred Parenting | Gary Thomas

    Parenting is a school for spiritual formation—and our children are our teachers. The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever. Sacred Parenting turns the tables and demonstrates how God uses our kids to change us.

    Big Truths for Young Hearts | Bruce Ware

    This book covers ten topics of systematic theology, devoting several brief chapters to each subject, making it possible for parents to read one chapter per day with their children. With this non-intimidating format, parents will be emboldened to be their children’s primary faith trainers—and perhaps learn a few things themselves along the way.

    Parenting in the Pew | Robbie Castleman

    Because we are created to praise God both now and forever, we must take our children's worship seriously. Worship, Robbie writes, is "the most important thing you can ever train your child to do."

    The Faith of a Child | Art Murphy

    The Faith of a Child is designed to teach parents how to be equipped and confident in guiding their child to a saving faith in Christ. 

    Everyday Talk | John Younts

    Learn how to use ordinary conversations to show your kids the goodness and wisdom of God. With clear biblical teaching, John Younts illustrates how to lead your children into a greater awareness of the presence and glory of God.

    Raising Children God’s Way | D.Martin Lloyd-Jones

    A series of Expositions on Ephesians 6

    ApParent Privilege | Steve Wright

    Parents have the greatest privilege of their lives literally in front of them everyday: their children. Pointing their children to Christ, modeling faith, encouraging with words, and showing unfailing love isn’t a burden. It’s a privilege.

    Suggested Family Devotional Resources

    Lord, Teach us to Pray | Sally Michael

    This 13-week family devotional guide provides six days of devotional ideas per week, plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity. Scripture references, a key verse, and key themes are provided at the start of each week to set the tone, along with a lesson summary, and important “points to ponder.” Each day’s devotional portion includes scripture references and probing questions to deepen Biblical understanding and provide personal application. Numerous prayer stories and other prayer tools complete the guide, making it a valuable prayer “tool” for any Christian family or individual. 

    Training Hearts Teaching Minds: Family Devotions Based on the Shorter Catechism | Starr Meade

    Great for family devotions and a practical guide for parents helping their children learn the catechism.

    Big Book Of Questions About Jesus | Sinclair B. Ferguson

    This book tackles the many questions that children have about Jesus, including:
    What was special about Jesus?  Why did Jesus heal sick people?  Why did Jesus have to die?  How can I give my life to Jesus? An answer is given for each question, accompanied by a page of reading and a memory verse. To help the children take the message on board there are activities and suggestions for discussion. Prayers are also given to encourage them to bring every aspect of life to their Heavenly Father. An invaluable tool for introducing children to Jesus and helping them to get to know Him better, in an enjoyable and interactive way.

    The Big Picture Story Bible | David Helm

    The Big Picture Bible Story Book is perfect for parents to read to their children, and eventually, for children to read on their own. It is an excellent way to introduce them to a book that will guide them through all of life.

    The Jesus Storybook Bible | Susan Lloyd-Jones

    "The Jesus Storybook Bible" tells the story beneath all the stories in the Bible. At the center of the story is a baby, the child upon whom everything will depend. Every story whispers his name. From Noah to Moses to the great King David - every story points to him. He is like the missing piece in a puzzle - the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the story unfolds, children will pick up the clues and piece together the puzzle. A Bible like no other, "The Jesus Storybook Bible" invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures, to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation - and at the center of their story too.

    Mighty Acts of God | Starr Meade

    Each story in Mighty Acts of God is retold in lively, modern-day language from a Reformed perspective, and is followed by an application section with several discussion-sparking questions and prayer points. By moving chronologically through both the Old and New Testaments, parents and children glimpse the person of God as one of consistency, vibrancy, passion, and love.

    Suggested Kids Devotionals

    A Faith to Grow On | John McArthur

    A Faith to Grow On presents foundational doctrines of the Christian faith in short devotional readings for young believers. 

    How to Study Your Bible for Kids | Kay Arthur

    (Check out the other studies in the Kay Arthur Discover 4 yourself Inductive Bible studies – includes the book of John and Genesis!) The Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids help you find out for yourself what the Bible is all about—and give you exciting ways to do it! These hands-on books help teach the basic skills of Bible study for a lifetime of discovering God’s Word.

    Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV (Suggested for Young Elementry)

    Written in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV---'The NIV for Kids!'), this Bible is designed especially for early readers who are ready to explore the Bible on their own. 

    ESV Children's Bible (Suggested for Upper Elementry)

    Not only will children get the reliability and beauty of the ESV translation but this Bible features a newly illustrated cover and more than 200 pages of full-color illustrations that appear right where the stories occur in the text.

    Presenting the Gospel

    Who will be King? Tract

    Who will be King? is aimed at an age group of about 7 to 11 years old. Like Two Ways to Live, it presents the gospel in six coherent statements, incorporating creation, sin, judgement, Jesus’ death, his resurrection, and the choice that gives us.

    The Gospel for Children: A Simple, Yet Complete Guide to Help Parents Teach Their Children the Gospel of Jesus Christ | John Leuzarder

    This unusual book does something we sometimes take for granted: it methodically teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young children. This is of no small importance because, as we learn from the first chapter of Romans, this Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. It has a color picture for each major point and then has a page at the end with just the pictures as a memory device to help children recall these truths.

    Helping Children Understand the Gospel

    In this resource, three authors explore the following topics: preparing the hearts of children to hear the Gospel; discerning stages of spiritual growth; communicating the essential truths of the Gospel message; and presenting the Gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner. Also provided in this booklet is the 10-week, family devotional, Ten Essential Gospel Truths, to help parents as they explain the Gospel to their children.

    Where do babies come from?

    God Made Your Body |  Jim Burns

    Through engaging text and eye-catching, kid-friendly illustrations, children ages 3 to 5 will learn that boys' and girls' bodies are different--and those differences mean boys and girls can grow up to become daddies and mommies.

    How God Makes Babies | Jim Burns

    How God Makes Babies is an age-appropriate introduction to basic sexuality, helping children ages 6 to 9 understand that God created males and females differently and with a purpose, emphasizing that God is a part of each family from conception to death.

    Talking about loss

    Someday Heaven | Larry Libby

    Gives simple, comforting answers to difficult questions that children age 4 to 8 often have concerning heaven.

    Let’s Talk about Heaven | Debby Anderson

    Debby Anderson brings together the sweet innocence of a child's questions and a simplified version of biblical information about heaven. The result is a charming book that parents and teachers can use again and again to help young children understand more clearly the wonderful forever home God has planned for His own.

    Debby Anderson has a wonderful collection of Biblical Children’s books.  Visit to view all the options!  Titles include… Let's Explore God's WorldJesus Is Coming Back!Every Child Everywhere!

    Other good stuff

    Window On The World |  Daphne Spraggett ** Great Missions Resource!**
    This invaluable resource develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens. Families, churches, and schools will all benefit from this book and in turn be able to pray more effectively for their world.

    This is No Fairy Tale | Dale Tolmasoff

    Fairy tales tell about brave princes and beautiful princesses, castles, giants, magic, and other amazing things. But this story doesn’t need any of that. That’s because this story is no fairy tale. But it’s still amazing—and it’s true. This book tells the story of Jesus Christ so you will see him for who he is—not a fairy-tale character, but God’s Son and the one true Savior.

    The Lightlings | RC Sproul

    In The Lightlings, Dr. R.C. Sproul weaves an allegorical tale that captures the essence of the biblical story of redemption. A race of tiny beings known as lightlings represent humanity as they pass through all the stages of the biblical drama creation, fall, and redemption. In the end, children will understand why some people fear light more than darkness, but why they need never fear darkness again.

    Who Made God? | Larry Libby

    "Remember when you were a child and the things you wondered about God? Kids are no different today. They have questions about God and Larry Libby offers sensitive, biblically-based answers to difficult questions.

    Most of All, Jesus Loves You! | Noel Piper

    It's wonderful to have parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts who love us. But the deepest love comes from Jesus. This bedtime story will leave the sweetest of thoughts in a child's head as the little one drifts off to sleep: "Jesus loves me!"

    Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers Series | Joey Allen

    The most foundational teachings of the Christian faith are presented in this four-book set at a level preschool and elementary children can understand. Colorful illustrations compliment every page of orthodox Christian doctrine, creating an enjoyable learning experience for the child. In contrast to self-centered theology and watered-down Bible storybooks, the Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers series promotes God-centered theology with simple and precise teaching while offering stability and a strong, lasting connection with the faith.