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Children in Worship

01.12.15 | Documents

    Infants/Nursing Mothers

    We provide a Nursing Mothers room, which is private and connected to the worship center. Mothers may use this room to help care for their child and still listen to the music and message during the Worship Services each Sunday morning. An adjoining classroom is staffed with people to care for your baby if you wish to reenter the worship service alone.

    Worship Guide For Kids

    Here at North Wake, We see the great importance of worshipping together as a family.  Beginning in First grade, we encourage kids to attend worship service with their family and to go to Sunday School while their parents are studying/serving the opposite hour Ask a Usher for a Worship Guide for Kids when you receive your North Wake Bulletin.  This Guide contains questions that correspond with the morning’s message as well as a “Taking it home” section, which provides ideas on how to apply what they learned that morning during the coming week.  For the little ones (or the young artists) the back of the guide contains a picture to color that goes along with the key topic.  Have fun!