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North Wake Leader Blog - U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

To Our Church Family:

I am sure every one of you has heard the news regarding the ruling on same-sex marriage issued by the US Supreme Court on Friday, July 3rd. Above and before anything else, we ask that you pray for our country, our leaders and the members of the Court.

While most expected this outcome, the reality of the situation may just now be sinking in, and it is normal to have many questions about how this ruling will affect your church, its mission, and its leadership.You should be reassured and encouraged to know that God’s promises have not and will not change. Marriage is today what it was in the beginning (Gen. 2.21-24) – a conjugal and ordained union of one man and one woman, for the glory of God and the benefit of all creation, joined together before God that no man may tear it apart. (Matt. 19.6) The mortal Supreme Court can no more redefine marriage than it can gravity.

You may also have questions about what may change. So do we, since the ramifications of such a watershed change – essentially a repudiation of thousands of years of wisdom and understanding to alter a keystone of social flourishing – is bound to touch our church is some way. Be comforted and encouraged to know that the leadership of North Wake is already looking at ways to protect our ministries from both anticipated and unforeseen negative affects of this sweeping change.

For your further inquiry, we have attached to this short note, a few web links that our Elders believe will help you both understand this ruling, and put it into the context of God’s Kingdom and our continued work in the here and now to expand it.

Firstly and lastly, pray. Continue without ceasing to pray for those entrapped in sin who believe that this change will bring them true contentment. As you are able, in your work or leisure, share the love of Christ with them, telling them how much God loves them and wants to make them His own.

And pray for the Elders as they lead through this change.

May God bless you and keep you, we are for His Glory and Honor,

The Elders of North Wake Church