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"3 WORDS for Josiah"

In Larry's sermon Sunday, July 8th, he spoke on Deut. 21-22.  Below are the 3 Words for boys to help them know how to deal with the women (Moms, sisters, and, someday, a wife) that God has placed in their lives.... 3 WORDS for Josiah

Resources For Fathers Day

Here are two resources related to Fathers Day: The Father is God - Bruce Ware (PDF) The Duties of Parents - J.C. Ryle (Link)

"X-Ray Questions: Drawing Out the Whys and Wherefores of Human Behavior"

In Larry Trotter's April 29, 2012, sermon, he alluded to David Powlison's penetrating list of X-ray questions.  Click on the link below to view this insightful article. X-Ray Questions 

10 Commandments Devotional for North Wake Families

Check out this Ten Commandments Devotional. You may choose to use this devotional in smaller portions ( for example, study one commandment each day for 10 days ), or you may study it together in one evening.  We pray that this devotional is a helpful resource to your...

How to Pray Like Martin Luther (via the 10 commandments!)

In A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther described how he uses the Ten Commandments as a guide in his prayer life: I divide each commandment into four parts, thereby fashioning a garland of four strands.  That is, I think of each commandment as: first, instruction, which is...