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Essential and Non-Essential Issues Concerning Matters of Christian Fellowship

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, Larry Trotter mentioned these resources that help us think through what are essential and non-essential issues concerning matters of Christian fellowship. These resources can help address the question of what is worth dividing over: Essentials and...

Delighting In God's Word - Psalm 119

In the sermon on March 13, 2016, Larry referred to THIS study guide for daily reading and reflection on Psalm 119 and the list of verses from Psalm 119 that model delighting in God’s Word. Enjoy! Psalm 119 Study Guide and Daily Reflection Here are a number of verses that...

Resources for US Supreme Court Same-Sex Ruling

Here are a series of links that have been helpful for me in thinking through the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: If you're are interested in attending a local conference on issues related to SSA and same-sex marriage, this one is highly recommended. Transforming Grace...

"3 WORDS for Josiah"

In Larry's sermon Sunday, July 8th, he spoke on Deut. 21-22.  Below are the 3 Words for boys to help them know how to deal with the women (Moms, sisters, and, someday, a wife) that God has placed in their lives.... 3 WORDS for Josiah

How to Pray Like Martin Luther (via the 10 commandments!)

In A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther described how he uses the Ten Commandments as a guide in his prayer life: I divide each commandment into four parts, thereby fashioning a garland of four strands.  That is, I think of each commandment as: first, instruction, which is...